About Us

Since the last decade, India has witnessed more young people in the country, and they are heading towards an unhealthy zone. Although medical science is improving, the food patterns, lifestyle, and technology advancements have become a curse for the society. This oddity has an impact on the country's growth.

We have taken steps towards to enrichment of the society. To achieve the same, I have been a passionate and health coach since my early 20s.

I have always tried to contribute to the well-being of my surroundings. Hence, I have made small achievements in the last 15 years, which have resulted in helping people to curb early diabetes, helping kids to be stronger in complementing true nutritious foods, and helping young mothers to reduce weight post-delivery to regain their normal state. I helped women in my neighborhood achieve a girly-like skin by utilizing natural remedies.

Friends and family urged me to make this a full-time profession and business for a lifetime. To start the process, I conducted pilots in multiple areas in Bangalore and they were great success.

Later, Botaneu was born and is expanding its presence with supplies all over the world. Botaneu means 'Botany for You', which means 'the science of plants'. 

Our Story

Established Since 2008. We are ahead in contineous starving of good health and evolved around products on the basis of human long-term wellness which comes from natural resources like plants, herbs, millets, grains, flowers, fruits, leafs, etc

Core Values


Creating heathy environment and spreading happiness ensuring healthy life style

To become South East Asia's Top-5 brand by Yr. 2025 in offering affordable wellness supplement


CEO's Message

We aim to make an impact that is significant. This, together with our shared values, gives us the foundation for who we are and what we do at Botaneu. With these values and purpose at our core, we believe that everything else will follow: our talent, our clients, and society will all reach their full potential together, with us leading the way. While we are not in business just to get bigger, being better at what we do will also help us grow.

In spring 2020 it became evident that the new normal is a world very different from the past. 84% People Say Health Awareness Has Increased After Covid-19 Pandemic, Says Survey. The combination of our potent herbs works to reduce inflammation in the body and enhance overall health. To improve life and stay healthy, our supplements are a safe and natural choice.

assure our consumers to rely on our well proven product categories and stay healthy and keep smiling. Our focus to improve and help you to be healthier.

 Where Botaneu Stand?

Real Problems Our Solutions
  • Arcadis, an Amsterdam-based consultancy, found that India ranks really low in terms of work-life balance. In particular, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi.
  • Approx. 60-70% of weekly time goes in working and daily travelling for Indians.
  • Being approx. 61% Indians & 40% Worldwide are focused for health as of 2022(Ref:Statista), still considering the critical work life balance, on large scale its difficult to achieve the goals.
  • Easily available & affordable dietary supplements, healthy meal replacements and applied solutions for peoples outer and inner well-being.
  • We get quick grab nutritious breakfast and snacks solutions for all age groups.
  • Along with natural nutrition we take care of prolonged Prevention and mental health using Herbs, Spices and Roots